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Maya Rodriguez


I began my work as an artist recently. Most of my life I worked as a Clinical Social Worker in New York City. I have worked with all kinds of populations. I’m Cuban born and came to this country at age 9. A few years ago with the shift in the economic situation I suddenly started exploring using all kinds of materials to create items such as paper dolls. Approximately two years ago I started doing more and last year I started my artist website with the name Maya Rodriguez. My artist website is at For the most part I use materials that are reclaimed as they come along and decide what can I do with this. Sometimes I have an idea and have to wait until I can collect the right materials. I had my first exhibit at the GreenPoint Gallery on June 20, 2014 . Becoming and developing as an artist is big shift for me since it all really came by accident and only after sharing some of my work with others was I told that I was really good. I have also now been featured in the July 20, 2014 RecyclArt Newsletter July 20, 2014

Books by Maya Rodriguez

In My Dreams and in In My Heart is a completely upcycled piece. I used a photo frame that no longer had a glass and right on that background I started to create my work. The woman's face was made from typing paper that was cut out in the form of that woman and painted. The flowers on her head is made out of paint swatches cut in the form of a flower, as are the other parts of piece including the heart and the man's figure.

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