Michael Bassey Johnson is a Poet, Playwright, Novelist, Aphorist, Essayist, Critic,Satirist, caricaturist and a Newspaper columnist. At a very tender age, Michael had a penchant for writing short stories and plays which were sometimes acted out in church, school, etc. Though some of his plays were rejected due to excess of vulgarity and irregular choice of words. Often regarded as a metaphysical poet, Michael's perception of being a writer is in being versatile devoid of conforming to normal and monotonous styles of the uninitiated writers. He is the author of scars of beauty, Temerity of the temptress, and others but to mention a few. He takes you through funny lines, but doesn't strive at cracking your ribs, instead, he leaves you cracking your brain. He believes that any writer without a sense of humor will certainly piss off bunch of lively species if he/she tries to be serious or wants to gain everyone's respect. His focus is to make a difference in a world which is too conventional for his kind.
He attended University of Uyo, Nigeria and currently secures a dominant position in the literary world. The many work arenas he has traversed had influenced and rekindled his thoughts, and he expresses it without equivocation.

Books by Michael Bassey Johnson

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Basically, this piece of writing centres on love, relationship, humour, random, systematic, philosophical thoughts, each summarizing different topics. The thought of putting together this refreshing masterpiece was essentially to rekindle the fire of our love lives, philosophically, spiritually, financially, Ecumenically, Socially, etcetera.

Scars Of Beauty - Book Cover

Nene is a beautiful, dark and slim nubile teenager. Her attributes is the cause of the fuss and pandemonium between men in her vicinity. She has never gone to school in all of her life, but very good at dance and drama. Her misfortune is the untimely death of her parents, and being fooled and sexed around by irresponsible men. She never rejects any thing that takes the form of a male creature. Her life is a room for the entry and exit of men from different walks of life, each, inflicting her with a daily dose of sorrow.