Paolo Mazzucato is an author, playwright and screenwriter.

He received a Bachelors degree in film from Northwestern University and a Masters in Motion Picture Producing from the University of Southern California. He has scripted various projects for film and television.

Between 2004 and 2013, he taught mini seminars in story structure and character development to elementary school students (2nd through 5th Grade). He has written collections of short stories and poetry and is the author/illustrator of the children's books "Dream of the Rainbow Unicorn" and "No One Mocks a Panda" in addition to his middle-grade fantasy novel, "The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim."

Books by Paolo Mazzucato

The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim - Book cover

Fantina arrives in 1902 Venice, Italy, in search of fortune and glory, but uncovers, instead, a secret plot to destroy the city. Now she must join a mysterious guild of gondoliers and harness the unseen power of Glim to defeat the evil forces at work.