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Pass Me Those Binoculars!

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by Bridgitte Lesley  ZA South Africa

July 17, 2013   |    2,299 reads    |   1 comment

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Book Image Did Not Load!Wade rented his little house out to a woman who had called herself Lo Gunn. It was his first tenant ever. Little did he know that Lo Gunn was in fact Doctor Summer Logan. The girl of his dreams. He had fallen in love with her ten years ago but had broken off their relationship. He had told her that she was not his kind of girl. It had been a blatant lie. But he had been forced into the break up. The break up had left both himself and Summer heartbroken. Summer was Wade's first love.  His only love.  After all the years he was still in love with her.  She was on his mind every day.  Summer moved into her little house and kept a very low profile. She didn’t want Wade knowing it was her. She needed to take her time. She needed to gradually ease into settling down. The townsfolk had to get used to the idea first. And she wasn’t too sure what Wades’ reaction would be after ten years. She was afraid. Wade would watch the goings on at the house for hours on end. Just watching and waiting to catch a glimpse of her. He knew it was Summer. But he was waiting to make his move. 

About The Author

A few years ago I decided to turn my dream in to reality and start writing. I immersed myself in my novels and a hobby became a full time passion. Not a job, but something that I thrive on. I am situated near Durban in South Africa. These days, I manage a guest house, and look after my elderly mum and her dog, Chloe. To add to that I have a wild cat. Who blessed us with five kittens. Life gets rather hectic at times, but there is always time to write. Welcome to my world!

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