T. C. Southwell was born in Sri Lanka and moved to the Seychelles when she was a baby. She spent her formative years exploring the islands – mostly alone. Naturally, her imagination flourished and she developed a keen love of other worlds. The family travelled through Europe and Africa and, after the death of her father, settled in South Africa.

T. C. Southwell has written over thirty fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as five screenplays. Her hobbies include motorcycling, horse riding and art, and she is now a full-time writer.

Books by TC Southwell

Demon Lord 4, Lord of Shadows (book) by TC Southwell

A doomed domain, a captive goddess and a young Dark God who must save the light… Even with Kayos, his spirit father, to guide him, Bane battles to deny the corrupting influence of the dark power.

Demon Lord 3, Grey God (book) by TC Southwell

When Lyriasharin’s father, Kayos, a Grey God from the times before reckoning, returns to Myrthran after a thousand years, he is upset to find a young mortal Dark God in his domain. However, Kayos soon discovers that Bane is the rarest of all the gods.

Demon Lord 2, Dark God (book) by TC Southwell

The dark god, Arkonen, is unleashed on the Overworld when Bane breaks the seventh ward. However, Bane is close to death from exhaustion and the dark power’s ill effects, and the Black Lord has betrayed him and left him to die.

Demon Lord, Book I by TC Southwell

The Black Lord has been imprisoned for aeons by seven blue wards. Fed up with being a prisoner, he has stolen a human child and turned him into a mortal god by means of eighteen years of training that could easily be called torture. The mortal god, Bane, sets out to break the blue wards with the help of a dark army.

The Cyber Chronicles IX, Precipice (book) by TC Southwell

In an attempt to rescue Sabre, Tassin has rushed into danger, and she and Tarl have been taken prisoner. Their captor is a high king with odd ties to Myon Two, and Tassin discovers the truth behind Sabre’s origins.

The Cyber Chronicles VIII, Scorpion Lord (book) by TC Southwell

When Sabre wakes as a captive on Myon Two, he resolves to avoid the fate of being subjected to experiments. However, escape from Myon Two has always been unachievable, although two kind young technicians attempt to find a means.

The Cyber Chronicles VII, Sabre (book) by TC Southwell

Sabre and Tassin reach Omega Five to discover that four years have passed on the planet and Dellon, Tassin’s cousin, is now King of Arlin. Tassin’s only ally is the young King Sharmian, who rules the smallest kingdom and is Torrian’s puppet.

The Cyber Chronicles VI, Warrior Breed (book) by TC Southwell.

After their ship is destroyed by an explosion, Tassin, Sabre and Tarl, the ex-cyber technician, escape a spacial anomaly only to land up on a Trykon warship. A race of giant humans, the Trykon species is the ultimate warrior breed.

The Cyber Chronicles V, Overlord (book) by TC Southwell

All seems lost when Myon Two enforcer ships are on the verge of capturing Tassin, Sabre and two allies helping them return to Omega Five in an old freighter. In a last ditch attempt to save Tassin from Cybercorp, Sabre sends a universal distress message.

The Cyber Chronicles IV, Cyborg (book) TC Southwell

Tassin has attempted, for three years, to find a way to journey to the stars to free Sabre. Her search for the sword the Core lives in has been fruitless, until a serving boy finds a key one day, and Tassin discovers the sword’s whereabouts. She convinces the wicked weapon to take her to Sabre on the planet Ferrinon Four.

The Cyber Chronicles III, The Core (book) by TC Southwell

With time running out, Sabre decides to complete the hated cyber’s mission and obliterate the Death Zone. To do this, he must go to its source: the Core, a thing so powerful it bends space and time to draw slices of other worlds into its sphere of influence.

The Cyber Chronicles II, Death Zone (book) by TC Southwell

Sabre takes Queen Tassin into the Death Zone in order to escape her enemies – it’s the most dangerous place on the planet, a frightening realm where natural laws play no part and life hangs by a thread. Only Sabre’s cyber abilities, which he hates, will keep the Queen safe, ...

The Cyber Chronicles I: Queen of Arlin (book) by TC Southwell

When enemy kings try to take over her kingdom on Omega V, a backwater planet, Queen Tassin is forced to flee. A strange warrior helps her to escape, but the Queen, who knows nothing of technology, has no idea that he is a cyborg – the deadliest hi-tech killing machine in existence.