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The IELTS for Beginners

by Adriana Mucea  RO Romania

September 7, 2013   |    4,726 reads    |   1 comment

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Book Image Did Not Load!The IELTS is rapidly becoming one of the most widely taken language tests in the world. Hundreds of people take the test every month in order to be able to study, live or work in an English-speaking country.
This ebook aims to help test-takers who are doing the test for the first time and have not done any special preparation courses but also candidates who are attempting the test again.
The readers will find tips on how to prepare for the test, descriptions of the parts of the test and helpful information on how to fill in the answer sheet.

About The Author

Adriana Mucea is a teacher of English specialising in General and exam English (IELTS).
She currently teaches and writes in Sydney, Australia. 

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