Fostering positive and self sustaining relationships can be a daunting task, even for those who are experienced in paving their way through romantic relationships; People who seek a solid understanding of the necessary ingredients that make a relationship work and want some form of preparation to guide them to their end point : marriage, will find the advice given by Tiffany Davis useful and beneficial for the long term. Relationships cannot be treated like a quick fix; everything takes time to build up and set as a foundation for love to flourish upon. Hence, if you are looking for no frills, straightforward advice on how to establish love at the right angles, you will benefit from reading her books.

Tiffany Davis is a writer who loves dishing out dating advice for couples, having had prior experience in helping couples with their relationship problems and accumulated some experiences of her own in her earlier relationships. Now, she just enjoys writing in her spare time and helping people to consolidate their thoughts on how to resolve their relationship issues.

Books by Tiffany Davis

Get Him To Marry You With 12 Steps - Book cover

Getting married to a man of your dreams has always been a lifetime goal and achievement for many women. If a couple moves through the entire journey of courtship without proper goals, it is often bound for failure. Courtship and love work hand in hand and must be navigated with care and the right goals in mind to get a relationship moving towards commitment and the final destination of marriage.