Dancing vs. Writing
There are several hot dancing shows on television right now, but they don't quite do it for me. I watch them, don't get me wrong! But I'm an old-fashioned girl, raised with southern tradition. Ballroom dancing just isn't popular 'round these parts. Clogging? Yep. Square Dancing? Yep. And it's those dances that I cut my teeth on.
I grew up watching my grandparents square dance. I loved the music. I loved the skirts and petticoats. I loved the flash of pettipants when the ladies twirled. My grandmother also clogged. Her father was a tap dancer, so she got rhythm naturally...in addition to playing several instruments. In fact, just about every single member of my family plays at least one instrument and/or sings and/or dances. Our family reunions are more like jam sessions than anything else. So it came as no surprise when I expressed my interest in clogging.
Now I've said it before in detail about my start in the world of clogging, so I'll keep it simple. Plus, this blog entry isn't about clogging, but rather how dancing relates to writing. So why don't I get back on track and get to the point. In dancing, we would call that missing a beat...or being off by a half-step. Twenty years later, I can see some comparisons between writing and dancing.
1. Anyone can learn how to dance, but only those who love to dance will succeed at it. Anyone can learn the craft of writing, but only those with a burning passion will succeed at the art of writing.
2. Some people are born dancers. Some people are born writers. DON'T ARGUE!
3. Dancers are notorious perfectionists. So are writers. There are just as many ways to execute a push off as there are ways to tell about it. There is a constant struggle to get the steps right. There is a constant struggle to get the words right.
4. Dancing is for show. I haven't met many "closet" dancers, and I haven't met many "closet" writers, either. Writers have an inner, burning desire to BE HEARD. We may not want people to look at us directly, but we want to be read. Dancers are exhibitionists with their bodies. Writers are exhibitionists with their words.
Now get those fingers dancing across the keyboard!
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