Getting Good Press

“The Word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ are all sites in a hard-working author’s self-promotion arsenal. The idea of creating a “viral circle” and keeping things buzzing in the cyber world is essential for branding and name recognition. It’s not just for self-published authors anymore. Even the big New York publishers are leaving most promotional work to the authors nowadays. Reluctant writers who shy away from technology may find it difficult to forge a path in today’s publishing arena. Modern readers want to connect with their favorite storytellers in ways that were never possible until recently.

Getting their attention is no easy task either. Diminished are the days when readers entered brick and mortar bookstores and selected books from a pre-selected group on a shelf. Book trailers are replacing back cover blurbs The readership is there, but they crave a more visual format. Juicy electronic tidbits send them to Amazon and Barnes and Noble to download books onto their various devices. Why do authors work so hard for so little? What drives them to make it in this world at all cost? And what do all the changes in cyberland mean? Quite simply, it means we, as authors, must learn to accept change and focus our efforts on what is most important. I think you’ll be surprised by what that is. Jesus.

He faced the ultimate task of venturing into unknown territory, networking with people, and making sacrifices for the greater good. He lead by example and had the support of the Father behind him. How about you? If you want to get good press, you need to start with the support of the Man Upstairs. Pray for guidance in your path. Then you’re ready to begin your literary journey. Be prepared to make sacrifices along the way. Learn a lot and love what you do.

Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to serve You with words!

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"Humanmade appreciates the written word and clearly acknowledges efforts made by recognizing authors' works - without asking anything in return. Thank you."
via Facebook- L.M. Wasylciw  Canada  author of  Writer to Author and No Means No