Use bad reviews to your advantage

Don't be discouraged by bad reviews. I am not referring to the two word reviews that simply state, "It sucked!" But, a valid bad review can be very helpful. There is always something positive you can take from it. I once had a reviewer write two full pages on all the reasons she hated my book. I read it and almost cried. She said if she could have given me a phat zero rather than a 1 star, she would have done so. I slept on it. The next day, I read the review again. Her criticisms were valid. In reality, I couldn't have paid for a better, more astute and constructive critical review of my work. I used every free suggestion she made! And, the book is now getting five star reviews.


Detailed Review Matters

I always felt the reviews coming from people who love and hate me are the real ones. There is something to take away from each reviewer but one thing it made me realise I can't write to satisfy everyone pre convinced expectations. Irrespective of the outcome, I continued to write.

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