Titania Hudson is an Indie author who has written a series of dating books cataloged under the Love Matters series. Living in a humble dwelling with her husband and three children, she dreams of cruising on a love boat with her loved ones and saving others entangled in messy love affairs. Once a dating counselor and now, a budding author, she has already written a number of dating and marriage guides to help troubled couples tide over the crises in the relationship and prepare themselves for a smoother journey of love.

With her past experience in dishing out dating advice to both singles and married couples, she hopes to inject renewed vigor into those people in need of encouragement to continue their pursuit of love and lead more meaningful lives.

In fact, nothing pleases her more than compiling her knowledge in publications as a form of giving back to society, and the satisfaction gained from knowing that her readers are faring well in their love pursuits never fails to perk her up. Seeing couples split up was something that irked her while she was performing in the capacity of an Aunt Agony, and she felt that couples needed to have a clear understanding of what they want in a partner and not force themselves to accept one another ‘blindly’ in spite of the apparent faults and differences present in one another.

Though she does not consider herself as Miss Know-It-All, she holds onto the conviction that some of the knowledge imparted in her books will still aid others in need of some motivation to pick themselves up after a failed romance or is aspiring to nurture a quality love life.

Books by Titania Hudson

Get Him To Propose In 80 Days (book) by Titania Hudson.

FAIRY-TALE MARRIAGES do manifest for some couples fortunate enough to find each other among the crowd of eligible singles teeming in the marketplace. Getting into a relationship that works and keeping a man interested in you boils down to how good you are at flaunting your charms to the fullest.

How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him (book) by Titania Hudson

Are you disillusioned with love? Or feeling frustrated that the men you're dating are not truly reciprocating your feelings in kind? Have you considered the possibility that you could be lacking in some X factors that men want, or you could simply be dating the wrong caliber of men?