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The 8 Snippets Poraso

by TR Johnson  US United States

April 13, 2013   |    1,605 reads    |   0 comments

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Image Did Not Load!I believe it is God ordained when your passion comes (seemingly) by chance.  You feel in your heart, somehow you know – you just know its right for you. 
My writing started as a thank-you to eight earthly women who came to my daughter’s rescue.  These women, I started calling Angels were a Godsend for my daughter.  They helped me discover my passion to entertain, educate and empower others through writing.
My writing continues to be the most stimulating force in my life.  It serves as a testimony to the women, fashioned after Angels who continues to be a loving force in my daughter’s life.
Absorption with writing is the focal part of my life.  I believe I am doing what I am meant to do; feed hungry hearts.  All hearts, young and older, human and business need care to grow, thrive, and give.
TR Johnson
So Be It!



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