Lonnie Ostrow

Lonnie Ostrow
Author, Consultant, Editor, Novelist
United States


I, Lonnie Ostrow, have been an innovator, storyteller, promoter and celebrity-insider for more than two decades. Since 2001, I have been the publicity/marketing director & researcher for best-selling novelist Barbara T. Bradford. I also serve as an editorial and marketing consultant for a collection of first-time authors through The Editorial Department. Previously, I worked as a PR executive, promoting first-time celebrity authors. From 1995 - 2001, I was widely credited with inventing the "living celebrity postal phenomenon." In all, I have worked with more than 40 legendary personalities creating high-profile media events to celebrate their postal recognition by foreign nations.

My first book  is due out on November 10 2016. I am hoping to have combined all my unique experiences to bring you a novel of love & betrayal, music & fanfare, downfall & redemption -- a fable of stardom's rewards, set in New York City during the 1990s. 

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