Advertise With Us is a website that promotes authors' books and talents. Our website puts quality first, each listed book had been carefully and manually reviewed, to make the website relevant,  consistent and useful. We provide authors with a profile page, which includes biography and links to connect with them and a summary of their listed books. Each book also receives a full page, which includes book description, comments form, sharing and rating tools to make the website interactive and useful. Books listed satisfies a wide variety of genres.

If you provide publishing related products and services, or an other product or service, and wish to reach our visitors and authors you are mostly welcomed.

How does it work?

  • Your advertisement will be treated as a campaign for a defined timeframe (one month initially, two weeks and one week).
  • First In First Served. Companies contacting us first will be given the opportunity to occupy the advertisement spots before others. Other contacting us later will be kept on record and will be contacted later once others' campaigns expire.
  • Your advertisement will be reviewed first before being approved and displayed.
  • You can choose whether your advertisement be displayed on the homepage or on pages for a certain genre / directory, for example: if you elected to display your ad on Fiction books, then whenever any book indexed under Fiction Books is displayed your ad will also be displayed on that page.
  • If you are interested, please use the Contact Us form and indicate 'Advertise With Us' in the subject field. Please include a link to the image you wish to display in the ad, an outgoing link (for example: a link to your website, product and service) and which spot and campaign duration are you interested in.

What are the Available Options and Fees?

The table below shows the current available options (spots) where your ad can be displayed and the fees to each option. 'Unavailable' spots are in use for a defined period, if you are only interested in these spots, please let us know, and we will inform you once these spots became available. Please note that we accept payment through PayPal only. All fees are in US Dollars.

Option / Spot One Month Two Weeks One Week Current Status
Home Page 50 30 15 Available
Learn from the Authors - Interviews 25 15 8 Available
Genre Based Advertisement :
Fiction (including subgenres) 40 25 15 Unavailable
Non Fiction 40 25 15 Available
Children 20 10 5 Available
Religion & Spirituality 20 10 5 Available
Poetry 15 10 5 Available
Inspirational 15 10 5 Available
Business 15 10 5 Available
Humor 15 10 5 Available
Memoir 15 10 5 Available
Technology 15 10 5 Available
Sports 15 10 5 Available


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"Thank you so much for promoting my book! As a new author, support is oftentimes crucial, and your site has aided in this immensely. Unlike most other promotional sites that will only promote a book if it is discounted or free, or has a high amount of reviews, Humanmade clearly acknowledges efforts made by recognizing authors' works regardless of whether there are any attached amenities. Also, if assistance is needed, the team is quick to respond and extremely helpful. I definitely recommend that all authors showcase their work here, and have already recommended you to members of the Indie Author Group on Facebook. Keep up the great work!"

- Carol Husa US  author of  All Dressed In Red