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by Dick Croy
The Shasta Gate: A Novel of Ascension - Book cover
by Darleen Mitchell
Gathering of the Greatest Quotes - Book cover
Non Fiction
by Ann Sepino
Tribeless - Book cover
by Clarke Emervane
A Proposal for the Christian Arts - Book cover
Non Fiction
by Maureen Reid
Becoming Herself - Book cover
by Faigy Liebermann
Own Your ADHD - Discover Your True Potential - Book cover
Non Fiction
by Deanna Cochran
Accompanying the Dying - Book cover
Non Fiction
by Anthony Glenn
How to Simplify Your Life - Book cover
Non Fiction
by Anthony Glenn
Nature of Depression - Book cover
Non Fiction

Authors, - A website for indie, published and self-published authors and books promotion. We help authors promote their books. Authors and writers get a free author profile page and a dedicated page for each of their books, where they can receive reviews, ratings, comments and reply to it, with a plenty of sharing tools to help them and their visitors spread the word over various social networks. Find Out the Nine Reasons Why humanmade is one of the best book promotion sites . We offer several services: Regular Free Listing, Powered Listing, Free Books & Deals, Advertise With Us - find more about our book promotion services. Readers, Looking for quality books to read? Wondering about your next read? Our indexed books satisfy all genres' fans, these books were individually reviewed and selected to give our visitors excellent books recommendations. Whether it is fiction, romance, thriller, fantasy, non fiction, business or memoir, you will find your good next read. a place where authors meet readers and readers meet authors.

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  • All book submissions are reviewed and processed by real humans (real people) and not through an automated electronic process. This means everything is being reviewed; the book description, the author's profile, the links relevance and validity ... everything. This will give the indexing process the advantage to correct and filter submissions, thus, making the whole website relevant, consistent in quality and useful. You don't want your book be listed among other items that are not fully reviewed or not up to standard. Right?
  • We don't impose limitations on books based on a certain number of reviews or their sales rank. All books which received reviews or not are welcomed. We also don't impose limitations based on the book format. All book in paperback and ebooks (Kindle, Nook, iBooks ... etc) are welcomed.
  • For each book submission, the author will have a full dedicated page for his/her book with a unique link (address). This added presence / cyber-estate will give it more visibility and exposure on the internet. A personal profile author page will be created for each author at the first submission, that will contain author's biography, author'swebsite and blog, contact details on social media and other information, in addition to a summary of his/her books listed on
  • Visitors can leave their comments on submitted books and rate them too, thus, increasing visitors’ interactivity. Visitors can leave comments without the hassle of registering to the website or login with  Facebook, Twitter or any other account. Comments are open to the public and can be freely left and we take the hassle of reviewing and moderating these comments.
  • Each book page is powered with various sharing options/ buttons to make it easier for visitors to share the page on social media networks, bookmarking services, email … etc.
  • Books are indexed and organized into specialized genres / directories / categories, just to make it easier for the website users and visitors to follow certain classifications. Suggestions for new directories are always welcomed. 
  • Since this website's main goal is to enhance the web presence of indie authors and established authors, book listings are not only limited to this site, but also, it will be announced and featured on other places on the web where is present (we call them the Channels), they include: Twitter, FacebookPinterest, Instagram and others.
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Recent Comments

Re. THE COOL BREEZE OF SPRING - Rebecca's diary
"I read this companion, after the main novel, ‘A new beginning’, so I don’t know how it reads as a stand-alone." - H. Maatman

2 weeks 4 days ago

Re. THE COOL BREEZE OF SPRING - A new beginning
"I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by C. Attleya. It’s different from most apocalyptic fiction, in that it is not singularly dystopian or dark." - H. Maatman

2 weeks 5 days ago

Re. Talent Storm
"My novel, "Talent Storm” will be free from May 18- May 20 " - Brian A Terenna

3 weeks 6 days ago

Re. Feed My Heart!
"Great read and re-read..." - Rizal Mai

5 months 4 weeks ago

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Adrian Maudling ( United Kingdom  United Kingdom) Author and Novelist Adrian Maudling - Author's Image

Well I was born in Colchester in 1970 and have lived in East London and South East London. I eventually settled in Norfolk and I’m still here to this day. I have been a lover of Fantasy and Science Fiction since i was little and that is where I have always set my ideas for stories. Most of my character for the Grail Knight series were developed as a modern day set Roleplaying adventure which me and some friends played when we were younger ... Read More

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God Made Everyone Beautiful

God Made Everyone Beautiful - Book cover
by Raymond Sturgis
"Thank you for the opportunity to promote my work. God only knows how hard it is in the literary field to get noticed, and sites like yours are just what we need"
Chris Christodoulou CY author of Twisters and Only in Cyprus