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We are currently not accepting submissions (Regular and Power Listings) in addition to 'Advertise with Us' and 'Free Books & Deals' due to maintenance.

To help authors spread the word and promote their books, we offer four services and options that will meet every author's needs and budget. Although, 3 out of 4 services are paid for, the fee to be paid is very minimal and very affordable. Here are our services in brief:

Listings / Campaigns

Regular (Free Listing):

You can submit your book to be listed under one literary genre / category for Free. You will have a permanent dedicated page for each book which will contain rating and sharing tools and accepts comments. In addition to the book page, the author gets a permanent author's personal profile page, which will also include summary of all his/her listed books. These pages will be announced and shared on social media. Processed within three to four weeks from the time of submission, this listing is done for FREE.

Read more about Regular Listing


Power Listing:

In addition to the features of the Regular / Free Listing, Power Listing receives an expedited treatment; books will be given priority for review and be listed within 48 hours. Power Listing books will also receive extensive sharing on social media (Twenty tweets on Twitter, be posted to several reading and book Facebook groups and communities and more). Power Listings will also be included in the Random Book block, which surface on many pages of the website and acts like an additional advertisement. All of these features will help in giving your book the exposure and attention it deserves. This Listing fee is USD 4.99 Only.

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Free Books & Deals

If you are planning to start a special promotion on your book, for example availing it for free, or for discounted price, then Book Deals is a very good choice to spread out the word about your upcoming promotion. This service is available to all authors regardless if they are listed on the website or not. Book Deals will also be extensively shared and announced. This service fee is USD 3.99 Only.

For more details and to submit your upcoming book promotion, please use:

Book Deal Submission Form


Advertise With Us

This feature is open to any company, organization and author who wants to advertise their products, services, publications and books through our website. Advertisements will be placed on specific spots and for a specific duration. Advertisements Fees vary from USD 5 to USD 50 depending on the chosen spot and duration.

To learn more about 'Advertising on our website and to apply for it, Please visit the page:

Advertise With Us



Below you can find a comparison between the options we offer, to understand them better:

 Regular ListingPower Listinghumanmade Ads
What is it?Regular indexing of a bookExpedited indexing of a book with more exposureOur own kind of Sponsored ads.
How much does it cost?FreeUSD 4.99USD 5 - 50
When Can I Apply for it?At the time of submissionAt the time of submissionPlease check 'Advertise With Us' page
What is the Processing Time?Three to Four WeeksApprox. Two DaysApprox. Two Days
What is the Lifetime of the Listing?Permanent - As Long as the Website exists.Permanent - As Long as the Website exists.For predefined duration - Usually One Month, Two Weeks, One Week.
Exposure on TwitterFour TweetsTwenty Tweets (Minimum)Ten Tweets (Minimum)
Exposure on Other Social Media / Networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Mix)The Book Page Only.The Author and the Book Pages.The Book Only
Will my book links outside humanmade.net (for example, Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks ... etc.) promoted on Social Media/Networks?NoYes (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)Yes (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)
Included in the 'Random Book' BlockNoYesIf the book was originally listed as Powered Listing.
How Can I Apply?By using the submission form.By using the submission form.Please check 'Advertise With Us' page.

We would like to hear from you and see how can we help you the most in promoting your book. Should you have any inquiry, please use the Contact Us form and we will be more than happy to help you.

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