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Minerva Hart


I am an Italian living in Rome, Italy with my American husband. I love reading, writing, traveling, and swimming. I graduated from John Cabot University in May of 2019. I've wanted to be a writer since the age of sixteen, and have since written so many stories I struggle to remember them all. My hope is that my skills improve with each story I complete.

Books by Minerva Hart

Primal Instinct: Hear Her Song by Minerva Hart. Book cover
Since the sea levels rose and the American government went bankrupt, the country has seen a new world order arise. The big corporations, who have since purchased sections of America from its shattered leaders, are the rulers of their own, private kingdoms. They live in luxury, drunk on not only their comfort and security, but also on the knowledge that the lower classes wholly rely on them to exist. In return for food, board, and employment, the middle class is made into little more than slave at the beck and call of their masters. Their lives are no longer theirs. They belong to the rich.
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