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Joni Herison


Joni has been involved in Bhutan's tourism industry for more than a decade. He is the Managing Director of Druk Asia,
one of the pioneering Bhutan tour operators outside of Bhutan. He has a deep love for the kingdom and has played a pivotal role in connecting Bhutan with travellers from all over the world.

Joni has travelled to Bhutan 31 times and is a cherished friend of the kingdom who has built excellent rapport with the Bhutanese community.

Books by Joni Herison

Bhutan Travelog: Bhutan Travel Guide by Joni Herison and Ashley Chen. Book cover
Until recently, Bhutan has been relatively unknown. In many minds, it is a mystical secluded place. Bhutan is gaining popularity as a travel destination, owing to the credits of international media features and Bhutan's skilful management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past fifty years, Bhutan has gradually emerged from centuries-long self-isolation to meet modernisation demands. It has been careful with its choices and decisions on the road of development and progression.
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