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Bhutan Travelog: Bhutan Travel Guide

by Joni Herison  SG Singapore

co-author: Ashley Chen

November 7, 2021   |    1,912 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Bhutan Travelog: Bhutan Travel Guide by Joni Herison and Ashley Chen. Book coverUntil recently, Bhutan has been relatively unknown. In many minds, it is a mystical secluded place. Bhutan is gaining popularity as a travel destination, owing to the credits of international media features and Bhutan's skilful management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past fifty years, Bhutan has gradually emerged from centuries-long self-isolation to meet modernisation demands. It has been careful with its choices and decisions on the road of development and progression. While Bhutan has opened its doors to the world, a 'High value, Low volume' tourism policy still guides the country to ensure that its unique culture, identity and natural environment will continue to be protected from external influence.

Bhutan Travelog aims to provide readers with insights into the country's history, values, customs, as well as travel tips and recommendations. This book also includes 9 exclusive first-hand stories from diverse travellers who have been to Bhutan to provide a glimpse into this idyllic country.


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