The Fugitive

A book about how an ordinary man recognizes his true passion in life and fights against all odds to pursue it. This book is the first part of the two-part series. 
The first part shows about a father-son relationship, how we are wrongfully conditioned by the society at a young age and how that conditioning potentially messes up our lives. The book shows how a troubled child, 'Abhinav', transforms into a brilliant performer. What simple things his father actually did or said and sometimes stayed mum (I believe, sometimes silence has the power to bring about the biggest of changes) which brought about such a transformation.
Then comes the phase when Abhinav gets into his teens. He desires to explore himself and eventually gets into a relationship. In India, sex is considered a taboo. You cannot even utter this word in front of parents and elders. They consider it as unethical and immoral. But Abhinav and his girlfriend Geet were passionate lovers. They did what they were traditionally not suppose to. The book briefly touches upon the troubles young unmarried couples face in India.
The finally comes the phase when we are confused about our careers. Abhinav not knowing what his true passion in life really is, gets into his ancestral profession. He starts living the life of a prisoner, bounded by four walls, his office, where he has no desire to stay; daily forcing himself to do work for only one sole reason i.e. money (like an animal who gets out of its den only to search for food and survive the day). And finally the society acting as the police or a watchdog with eyes fixed on Abhinav.
He had it enough and he decides to break free. And that is how he transforms from a Prisoner to a Fugitive. It was the knowledge of his passion and a burning desire towards its pursuit, that made Abhinav break the shackles. The police (society) is trying hard to chase him but Abhinav is trying even harder to become what every man was always born to be i.e. A Ruler - One who rules his own life.
Will Abhinav successfully reach the other end of his pursuit? Who will be that one man, that one God Father who will make all the difference? What happens when talent meets power?

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Genre: Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers

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ISBN: 978-9381836521


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