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Mystery & Thrillers

Mystery & Thrillers
Find great mystery, thriller, crime and suspense books to read. This directory includes novels and stories written by talented authors and writers to satisfy all tastes and readers.

by Pierre Rehov / US United States

As a young conscript, Theo Collin is noticed by his superior officer for his very special talent... An accident saves him from being sent to the front in Iraq. But his officer will never forget him. A decade later, while married and father of a little girl, Theo is offered a prestigious position as chief computer scientist in Mexico. He has no idea that behind this unexpected promotion lies a trap.


by W.F. van der Hart / BE Belgium

Dave Wilson, a middle-aged New York journalist suffering from depression and arthritis, is thrilled with his new assignment: an article about a new drug that allegedly can stop the aging process, rejuvenate the body and increase the human lifespan significantly. He investigates the development and learns all about the rejuvenation drug, but then he decides to do something that gets him into deep trouble.


Too young to die - Book cover
by Susanna Haymond / US United States

Nora is going to Mexico to help finish the construction of an orphanage. While south of the border, Nora disappears without a trace. Airplane pilot and fellow mission volunteer, Anthony Goldburg, is inspired by Nora's enthusiastic outlook on life. He wonders if something more than friendship could be in their future, but first she must be found. After losing his sister from drugs, Greg Nelson is on a mission – to clear the streets of the vile substance.


INTERCEPTED - Book cover
by Craig Alexander / US United States

What is a man to do when his life is ruined by a notorious criminal? Pursue justice? Exact revenge? What if said criminal seems to exist above the law, completely untouchable? For Grant Sawyer, this bleak scenario is reality. Sixteen years have passed since a coordinated set of bombs took his family. Grant is a walking ghost of the man he was back then. His career in an elite division of the FBI is done, his friends have dwindled, and his prospects are bleak.


The Assassin's Case - Book cover
by Oliver Phipps / US United States

We've heard the tales. The eternal struggle between good and evil. Many religions are based on the concepts. God, Satan, angels and demons; ideals interwoven into our very existence. Most all have chosen a side, whether they admit it to themselves or not. Many have at least a basic understanding of what is happening. Some have even discovered secrets beyond the veil of what we see. However, there are a few, who not only understand the war, but are in the very thick of it.


Spyder Bones - Book cover
by Ruth ONeill / GB United Kingdom

Lauren Adams is just an ordinary single girl, until one split-second decision throws her life into crisis. When she meets the handsome and intriguing Max Davies during a girls’ weekend away, she can’t believe her luck. But it soon turns out to be her biggest mistake. Max gets accused of murder, a murder that allegedly happened on the same night he and Lauren met. Is Max really the man she thinks he is? Is he really innocent of murder?

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Tell Me Why - Book cover
by Andrea Bartz / US United States

In 2009, Edie had New York’s social world in her thrall. Mercurial and beguiling, she was the shining star of a group of recent graduates living in a Brooklyn loft and treating New York like their playground. When Edie’s body was found near a suicide note at the end of a long, drunken night, no one could believe it. Grief, shock, and resentment scattered the group and brought the era to an abrupt end. A decade later, Lindsay has come a long way from the drug-addled world of Calhoun Lofts.


The Lost Night - Book cover
by Ted Halstead / US United States

Pakistan tested its first nuclear weapon in 1998. The Taliban have dreamed about stealing some of those Pakistani nuclear weapons to use against American forces in Afghanistan. But how could they, when they are so heavily guarded? One Taliban leader has a plan that he began working on in 2002, the year after American forces came to Afghanistan. If it works, the Taliban will have eight nuclear weapons to help them return to power in Kabul.


The End of America’s War in Afghanistan - Book cover
by Martin Roy Hill / US United States

Historians tell us the infamous Nazi Party died in the ashes of 1945 Berlin. But what if they’re wrong? The brutal murder of an ex-lover’s estranged husband puts war-scarred journalist Peter Brandt on the trail of a hidden cache of Nazi gold.


The Fourth Rising - Book cover
by J.A. Kalis / NL Netherlands

Lost civilization. Ancient secrets. A fast-paced adventure where danger lurks around every corner. While exploring ancient ruins nestled deep in the lush Guatemalan jungle, a team of international archaeologists makes a stunning discovery. They find a sprawling network of tunnels and caves filled with man-made structures, intricately carved stone statues, inscriptions and murals that hint at the mythical Mayan underworld, Xibalba.


Thirst Of The Rain God - Book cover