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Latest Book Listings

by Steven Hague
GB United Kingdom
Blood Law - Book cover
Mystery & Thrillers
by Anthony Glenn
US United States
The Law of Attraction - Book cover
Non Fiction
by Emily Joys
UA Ukraine
Can My Dinosaur Say Thank You? - Book cover
by Ellen Mint
US United States
Undercover Siren - Book cover
by Shantae Stewart
JM Jamaica
Michael Cox - Book cover
Mystery & Thrillers
by Rebecca Dash
US United States
The Earl’s Last Dance - Book cover
by Meg Lelvis
US United States
Blind Eye - Book cover
Mystery & Thrillers
by H. C. Turk
US United States
As The Stars Allow - Book cover
by Bridgitte Lesley
ZA South Africa
Along Came Claire - Book cover

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  • Books are indexed and organized into specialized genres / directories / categories, just to make it easier for the website users and visitors to follow certain classifications. Suggestions for new directories are always welcomed. 
  • Since this website's main goal is to enhance the web presence of indie authors and established authors, book listings are not only limited to this site, but also, it will be announced and featured on other places on the web where is present (we call them the Channels), they include: Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ , Pinterest and others.
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Re. The Martin House
"I was born in Panama City. In the early 80’ s I went to a party there. Wether it is haunted or not." - Mary

1 month 2 weeks ago

Re. Rarity from the Hollow
"The 2018 Edition of Rarity from the Hollow Paperback is now on Amazon: It is also available for Any eReader: Proceeds help abused children. " - Bob Eggleton

4 months 3 days ago

Re. Talent Storm
"My novel, "Talent Storm” will be free from Feb 23 - Feb 25 " - Brian A Terenna

9 months 4 weeks ago

Re. Rarity from the Hollow
"Happy Holidays!" - Bob Eggleton

11 months 5 days ago

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David Haldane ( United States United StatesAuthor and JournalistDavid Haldane - Author's Image

David Haldane’s career in journalism has spanned more than four decades, beginning as a reporter for the countercultural newspaper Berkeley BARB, and culminating in twenty-three years as a Los Angeles Times staff writer. Currently he lives in Joshua Tree, California, where he blogs, writes books and magazine articles and works as a reporter and weekend news anchor for the local radio station, KCDZ 107.7FM. Haldane’s work has appeared in many publications worldwide including Los Angeles Times Magazine, Orange Coast, Islands, Penthouse and Salon ... Read More

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FOREVER MEN - Book cover
by Raymond Sturgis
"Thanks so much for hosting my novel The Silk Romance on your site.  The pages look wonderful. I'll certainly spread the word about your service"
- Helena Fairfax GB  author of  The Silk Romance