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I'd like to thank the lovely people @humanmade_net for tweeting about my novel, 'A Slave's Vow'. I had promoted the book on their website, so was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were tweeting about the book as well. Due to this, I have had a welcome upsurge in sales.:)

Annette Austin
United Kingdom

Thanks for sharing again. You've been helping more than any other promoters I've contacted. Best blessings...

SunBôw TrueBrother

Humanmade appreciates the written word and clearly acknowledges efforts made by recognizing authors' works - without asking anything in return. Thank you.

L.M. Wasylciw

Thank you @humanmade_net for being such an amazing support for Indie Writers everywhere!

Robert Segarra
United States

Listing your books and author profile online is an essential component of book promotion. Humanmade’s powered listing does a great job by providing attractive, indexed listings. A fantastic opportunity for potential fans to discover your books.

L.E. Fraser

Image removed.Thank you so much for promoting my book! As a new author, support is oftentimes crucial, and your site has aided in this immensely. Unlike most other promotional sites that will only promote a book if it is discounted or free, or has a high amount of reviews, Humanmade clearly acknowledges efforts made by recognizing authors' works regardless of whether there are any attached amenities. Also, if assistance is needed, the team is quick to respond and extremely helpful. I definitely recommend that all authors showcase their work here, and have already recommended you to members of the Indie Author Group on Facebook. Keep up the great work!

Carol Husa
United States

Having submitted my legal crime trilogy to the site I was delighted and surprised to receive an email one day that the first part in the series, A Model Murder, had been featured as Talent in the Spotlight. Thank you humanmade.net for your great support for authors.

Celia Conrad
United Kingdom

Image removed.

Humanmade is simply an awesome writer's resource! I highly recommend their website to all authors wanting a broader audience. In fact, I was so impressed with their website that I added it to the bonus materials in my latest nonfiction, How to Find us on Facebook: An Essential Guide for Indie Authors.

Chariss K. Walker
United States

Thank you for all you do! You are so awesome! As a new Author, you have been so instrumental in getting my work out for a large volume of people to see. Always professional, helpful and understanding, my thanks to you, humanmade.net

Linie Sherrod

Thanks so much for hosting my novel The Silk Romance on your site.  The pages look wonderful. I'll certainly spread the word about your service

Helena Fairfax
United Kingdom

Your service is crucial and necessary for many writers

John B. Rosenman
United States

Thank you for the opportunity to promote my work. God only knows how hard it is in the literary field to get noticed, and sites like yours are just what we need

Chris Christodoulou

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Dear Humanmade,   
Since you promoted my books on your website I have noticed a marked increase in sales.  Since I have not recently done any other promotional activity, I have to assume that this renewed interest is directly attributable to Humanmade. I simply want to express my gratitude once more and to thank you for the work you do.

Brian O'Hare
United Kingdom