About Us

One of the major obstacles an individual creator encounters is promoting his/her work over the web, this is increasingly a difficult task, given the dramatically increasing numbers of websites which gives lesser space for others to showcase their works. humanmade.net was an idea of a site intended to enhance the web presence of creative works, after the difficulty the webmaster faced in promoting his products and creations on the web and driving traffic to these products' web pages.
Thinking of other independent individual creators, who might be facing the same issues in promoting their works, the idea existed in 2007 and it was expanded to include a classified directories page, where only individual efforts are listed to give creators more web penetration and presence.
humanmade.net was only interested in independent individuals' creations, the individual talents that might have started at home and were not backed with a business or a corporate support.
They say that people are products of their thoughts ... true. But we also say, humans are products of their works. People will always be remembered for their works, contributions and what they will leave behind for others. humanmade.net is a website for the works made by humans, their creations and thoughts, the things that made existence through them. It  is a place and community for talents who want to tell the world about their works and want to share (and benefit from others') experiences. Directories and Categories included initially Artists, Authors, Books, Musicians, Personal Webs, Videos, Designers, Freelancers. But over time, we found this website became very popular among authors and that authors were the majority of the website users compared to other talents.
Throughout the years, humanmade.net was reshaped to become more dedicated to authors and writers promoting their books (for almost all genres), and the tools that are being used to spread the words and showcase authors' creations (books) had also increased. 
Besides dedicating a unique page for each book listed, we have additional presence(s) and active on various social media networks, like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook,  this will help us deliver the message of authors' book and reach the maximum number of audience and get more web exposure. Books pages are equipped with sharing tools, rating tools and commenting to increase interactivity among visitors, readers and authors.
humanmade.net provides a variety of promotional services to authors; we are accepting Free Listings (this is part of our commitment and the voluntary mission this website started around), we also provide Powered Listing  which is a minimal fee service that gives the author more expedited process and more exposure, we also feature Boost Your Listing (BYL) which is our type of sponsored advertisements. 
Since 2007, it was a journey of fun and continuous voluntary but hard work to have this website up and running with a shape authors love and find it useful. We believe that there is always a room for improvements and we are always open to suggestions to help authors spread the word about their books.
"Thank you for all you do! You are so awesome! As a new Author, you have been so instrumental in getting my work out for a large volume of people to see. Always professional, helpful and understanding, my thanks to you, humanmade.net"
- Linie Sherrod  MX  author of  NED, MEL and Peanut Butter Cup