Update My Pages

If you have an author profile page and books listed on humanmade.net and need to update them, you can use the form below to request an update.

What updates and edits can you request from us?

You can change all the details you submitted for your profile and book. 
For your author profile page, you can change / add your photo, biography, your website and social links. 
For your book page you can change / add your book cover, description, links ... etc. 
Throughout the years we added some additional fields (for example, Author's Note) which was not available for old submissions, now you can use this form to add such fields to your book and enrich your book page content.

Also, if you wish to remove your book, some of your books, all your books and profile, you can use this form, too. Keep in mind, removing these items means completely deleting them from our system. Should you wish to list them again in the future you will need to use the submission form.

How to update / edit / remove your books?

  1. Complete the form below with the needed updates. Please make sure that the email address you will enter is the same email address you used for your book submission.
  2. You will receive a copy of your request to your email address for your review.
  3. Reply / Forward the email you received to the sender (submissions[at]humanmade.net) we request this step as a means of verification to ensure the authenticity of the request and the sender.
  4. We will process your request and confirm updates in an email sent to you.
How Can We help You?


Enter the link to your book page (Or Author profile page) on humanmade.net - Examples: https://www.humanmade.net/books/YOUR-BOOK-TITLE 
Enter all the updates you need here. Specify what you want to update followed by the new details / information. For Example: If you want to update your book description, you should enter: Description Update: followed by the new description. If you want to update your book cover, you should enter : Book Image Update: followed by a link to the new book cover.


If you want to remove your pages completely from our website, please check the suitable option. Please note that this will result in completely deleting your pages from this website, deleted pages cannot be recovered, and a new book submission will be needed if you wish to list your book again in the future.

What do you want to remove?
(Please list the titles you wish to delete in the box below.)
(Please list all the titles you have on humanmade.net in addition to your author profile page link in the box below)

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