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June 15, 2022

SEO is a term you have come across while reading about building your author website, writing articles, and leading more readers to your books. You heard or read that it is of an extreme importance to online content, but you may also thought it should be the business of web developers and programmers, while you are an author, why should you care about such technical term! What is SEO in simple words and do authors really need it? Let's find out.

March 1, 2022

Inline with our continuous efforts to provide more means to get readers more involved and providing their opinions about books, which will enrich the content of each book page and this will enhance books visibility and reach, We have improved readers' and visitors' options to provide their opinions about books.

March 17, 2020

Dear all,

Please note that our Facebook page address had been updated to:

We believe this address is easier to remember and more convenient.

In order to stay updated with our news and new book listings, Kindly make sure that you are following our FB page accessible by this address (

June 30, 2017

If you are an author and want to have your book receives tweets (Free of Charge) then proceed reading this post.

We strive to spread the words about our works, and you as an author are no different, you always strive to spread the word about your books, you want people to be aware of your book, to buy it and to read it. How about someone helping you with that and tweets about your book FOR FREE!

June 16, 2016

First, Let's agree on one thing. You submitted your book on just to give your book more exposure and create more awareness about it, and You did not submit your book as part of a routine thing that you think you have to do and deep inside you are burdened by it, because it is taking you away from other things, such as: writing your next book, having quality time with your family and friends ....

April 20, 2016 the authors and books promotion network will be starting 'Experts of the Trade' service.

This service will be extended to providers of specialized professional services for authors such as: publishing, proofreading, editing, cover and layout design, reviews.

'Experts of the Trade' will be provided by:

July 25, 2015

Dear all,

In recent weeks we have amended and tweaked things on as part of our endless efforts to make it a resourceful and useful website for all authors and talents to promote their books and works at. Few of these changes were:

- Adding more links to the profile page that will help people to connect with the talents. Links include: website, blog and other social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, GoodReads and LinkedIn).

July 10, 2015

Dear all, are now accepting users' pictures which will be displayed on users' personal profiles and across the website. If you previously submitted your work at and wish to have your picture displayed on your profile, please use our contact us form and send us a link to your personal profile, please make sure you enter your email address you used in submitting your work and add the link to your personal profile page at

May 24, 2015

Dear all,

We have launched our blog to serve as our main channel of communication with our users and site visitors.

Blog will include news, website updates, new features and topics to be discussed with our users and visitors such as suggesting new features and getting feedback. We believe that this blog will add a more flexible and quick way to communicate and stay in contact with all users and visitors.

All the Best Always,