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Regular Listing

Regular Listing - Book Promotion Service

Are you looking for a Free book promotion service? Our Regular Listing is the one for you.

Regular Listing Feautres

  1. Personal Author Profile Page which you can include your biography, your picture, links to social media accounts you have (to make it easy for visitors to follow and contact you there). Author profile page also features summary of the author's listed books.
  2. Dedicated Book Page for each book you submit. This page includes book description, book cover, author's notes about writing the book and links to bookstores where visitors can buy the book, for example: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo ... etc.
  3. Exposure on Social Media. Books pages are shared on Twitter (three tweets), Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, in addition to other social media.
  4. Books submitted under Regular Listing are processed within three to four weeks

Enjoy these features for Free! If you are looking for more expedited processing and more exposure and reach, please check our Power Listing service and enjoy more timely processing and more features for $4.99 Only.

How to Apply for Regular Listing?

  1. Complete the submission form .
  2. Your book will be reviewed and processed within three to four weeks.
  3. Once your book indexed you will be notified via email.


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