Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is is free books and authors promotion service. It helps authors and writers promote their books and helps people searching for books find what they are looking for.
Can I post my books on
Sure. is open for all authors from all countries to promote their talents.
What would I get?
Every person submitting his/her books at gets a special personal profile page showing his/her biography, summary of all books / works indexed in addition to a secure contact form enabling site visitors to contact him/her (authors can opt out of this if they desire). A special page is also created for each book submitted, showing related information (for example: description, book cover, images, links, videos ... etc). In addition, rating widgets and comments forms are available which enable site visitors to rate, review and comment on these books. Thus, bringing more interactivity and the room for people to share their opinions about these books. Sharing widgets (bookmarking services and social networking) are available all the way, to help people spread the word and share the content on other networks.
How many books can I submit?
You can submit as many books as you can (given, that these books are created by you). Having many books on will help in enriching your profile page and enhance your web presence.
How can I ensure that my submission will be accepted?
We always strive to display quality content for our website visitors. Providing a quality content will help listed authors and talents in having better ranks on search engines. Authors are required to provide a unique description about their books. We understand, that sometimes, listed books may appear on other websites, however, it is not recommended to replicate the description into this website, some creativity is recommended to have a custom description. Always remember, having a unique and quality content will reflect positively on your listing here and your web presence in general. 
Most important things to keep in mind are:
1- You must be submitting information related to your talent / works. For example: if you are submitting information about a book, you should be the author of the book. If submissions are made on behalf of other people they will not be accepted.
2- Biography section should be 50 words at least (the longer the better).
3- Book Description section should be 100 words at least (the longer the better).
4- A link to an image representing the work (for example: an image of an artwork, or book cover) should be provided.
How long will it take before my submission is accepted and start to appear?
Accepting submissions on is not an automatic process, each single submission is reviewed and moderated by people, this way, we make sure that submissions are within the standards which reflects postively on the whole website and consequently to our authors and talents. Therefore, accepting and indexing submissions might take three weeks on the average. Always, keep in mind that no submission will instantly appear, so please submit your book only once. If you want an expedited process and faster indexing, you can choose our Powered Listing.
How can I amend my work after submission?
Just fill the submission form, and make sure you select the option "Current Listing Update" and inlcude the link to your book on and fill the fields you want to update with the amended details. You will need to include the email address you used for the original submission.
Can businesses, publishing houses, communities and other forms of entities (other than individuals) submit their works?
Yes. For a certain (one-time) fee a profile will be created and submitted works will be reviewed and listed (this is subject to the same terms and guidelines that we follow for all submitted works). Each business will have a profile page and separate page for each work submitted and enjoy all features available for other users.
Do you offer other means to increase the exposure of my current listed books / works?

Yes. 'humanmade Ads' is an ad unit of your book that we can display for you on for a minimal fee for a period of one month or a number of weeks, which you can renew at anytime. For more information please visit Advertise With Us page.
What is Author in the Spotlight?
Author in the Spotlight is a spot made at the home page used to feature an author and his / her work for few days. Author in the Spotlight is somehow random, however, we have some criteria that we still consider when choosing an author.
How can I increase my chances to be considered for Author in the Spotlight?
Providing a good biography for your author profile page and doing good social sharing of your profile and book(s) pages. Also, users who opted in for Powered Listing will have better chances to appear on Author in the Spotlight.
What is Powered Listing?
Powered Lisiting gives the user more advantages over the regular free listing for a minimal fee.
By opting for a Powered Listing:
  • Your submission will receive priority review and an expedited processing/ indexing.
  • Your book will get more frequent tweets (10 tweets) in addition to posts on social networks to increase your book exposure on the web.
  • Your other links to your book, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords ... etc, will also be tweeted.
  • Your book will float at the top of latest listings on the home page for a longer period compared to free regular listing, this means better and longer visibility.
  • Your book will be part of the "A Random Book" block that runs and displays accross several pages of the website, which means continuous and better visibility.
  • Not only this, your chances of being featured on the Author in the Spotlight will increase.
How Does It Work?
To opt in for a Powered Listing:
  1. Make sure you indicate this on the submission form by chosing 'Yes, I Want a Powered Listing'
  2. Your submission will receive a priority review and you will be contacted to inform you of the acceptance of your submission and the payment method. Please add the address: to your contact list in order to avoid the possibility that our emails be blocked or be sent to Junk folder in your email, thus making sure you receive our communication.
  3. Send payment of USD 4.99 to via PayPal and indicate in your payment details the name of the book you are submitting and add to it 'Powered Listing'.
  4. Once payment is received, your work will start to appear (after brief processing) and you will start to enjoy the benefits of the Powered Listing.
  5. Please note that if no payment is received your work will never be indexed.
  6. Submit your book now


What are the listing options we offer? offers Two options for authors to list their books and an extra service called 'Boost Your Listing' which gives the author more exposure which function as our internal advertisements. Below you can find a comparision between the options we offer, to understand them better:
 Free ListingPowered Listinghumanmade Ads
What is it?Regular indexing of a bookExpedited indexing of a book with more exposure

Our own kind of Sponsored ads.

How much does it cost?FreeUSD 4.99

USD 5 - 50

When Can I Apply for it?At the time of submissionAt the time of submission

Please check Advertise With Us

What is the Processing Time?Four to Six WeeksApprox. Two Days

Approx. Two Days

What is the Lifetime of the Listing?Permanent - As Long as the Website exists.Permanent - As Long as the Website exists.

For predifined duration - Usually One Month.

Exposure on TwitterTwo TweetsTen Tweets

Ten Tweets

Exposure on Other Social Media / Networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Mix)The Book Page Only.The Author and the Book Pages.

The Book Only

Will my book links outside (for example, Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks ... etc.) promoted on Social Media/Networks?NoYes (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)Yes (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)
Included in the 'Random Book' BlockNoYes

If the book was originally listed as Powered Listing.

How Can I Apply?By using the submission form.By using the submission form.Please check Advertise With Us




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