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Find great business books to read. This books directory include books written by talented authors and writers from all around the world that cover a variety of topics related to business, management and marketing.
by Doug Freeman / US United States

News: See articles about "Workarounds" on (PBS) Next Avenue and Forbes. Far too many age 50-plus business professionals are unemployed, under-employed or feel like giving up on their careers. They have been devalued in many industries due to ageism and as a negative side-effect of the global economy. All of this is despite the fact that they have a wealth of knowledge, powerful skills, priceless experience and a wealth of contacts.


Workarounds: 50+ insider tactics for age 50+ entrepreneurs - Book cover
by Syd Read / US United States

A quick and necessary read for anyone about to start or at the beginning stage of investing in stocks. This concise book intends to briefly highlight most important points beginner traders must keep in mind to protect their investments and grow them safely.


Safe Mode Stock Trading - Book cover
by Latrell King / BS Bahamas

Do You have a college degree but remain jobless? Are you surrounded by family and friends that speak negatively about your dreams? Have you given up on ever being successful? Has life setbacks made you bitter?


How Successful Women Think - Book cover
by Antonio Thornton / US United States

Are you leaving money on the table? Let me rephrase that: You ARE leaving money on the table! Did you know that 96% of businesses are NOT maximizing their full profit potential? Most businesses are great at their primary service, but are grossly overlooking dozens of hidden opportunities lying dormant in their businesses just waiting to spring to life to generate additional income streams...WITHOUT additional customers, WITHOUT spending more on marketing, WITHOUT hiring more employees, and WITHOUT any additional expenses.


by David Croll / US United States

If You are interested in social media marketing and looking for step-by-step guide how to use social media marketing strategies for Your brand or business to reach more followers, please pay attention to this book with ultimate guide for Instagram.
Why you need to read this book?


Instagram Marketing - Book cover
by Michael Allen / GB United Kingdom

Bouncepreneurs is written exclusively to help entrepreneurs and small business owners who have lost their business or venture. This book restores dignity, respect and appetite for future entrepreneurial enterprise. It is an ideal gift for friends or loved ones struggling after losing their own business. It provides very practical no-nonsense advice and encouragement to Bounce Back to financial success and personal happiness.


by Robert Michael ... / US United States

Do you work in the corporate world? Are you looking for new and innovative ways to avoid stress and ensure success? Surviving the Corporate Culture is designed to be a guide for that success and to help you to greater achievement.


Surviving The Corporate Culture - Book cover
by Rob Cubbon / GB United Kingdom

You can run your own web design business from home – all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Working for a design company? Freelancing? Under-utilised, unappreciated or uninspired? Do you want to break free from employment and run your own business, call the shots, and be your own boss? This is the book for you. My names is Rob Cubbon. Setting up a business to design websites from home 10 years ago, was the BEST THING that ever happened to me.


Running A Web Design Business From Home - Book cover
by Raul Sanchez Gilo / ES Spain

Discover how to sell more and better in an entertaining way. Whether you are a beginner in sales or an expert, this book will inspire and motivate you to improve and succeed in selling. Discover the authentic way to sell more and better. Who said that all books about sales are boring? Finally, a book on the art and science of selling that is funny, easy and fast to read.


Sell More and Better - Book cover
by Helen Glasgow / FR France

This clear, concise, and effective guide will improve your negotiation skills and help you influence others as you “climb up the ladder” of career success! You will learn how to use persuasive speech, body language and savvy negotiation skills that will support you at every level of your career, from entry level positions to Chairman of the Board. When you learn how to manipulate and influence the psychology of persuasion, entire vistas of career growth and success will open to you.


100 Effective Persuasion Techniques - Book cover


A Random Book

One Data

One Data (book) by Shane J. Downey
by Shane J. Downey