Monkey Man

A crime story
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April 25, 2017
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Monkey Man: a crime story - Book coverSalesman, scam artist, criminal, killer--Ike Caudine never admits to himself what he has become, but he knows he likes it.

After his Mary leaves him, Ike is desperate for an idea, a plan to impress her and win her back. He turns to his childhood friend, Fritz Moeller, and soon finds himself drawn into a violent world of drug dealers and at the center of the money laundering empire that his friend has created.

Once he dominates this new, thrilling world, can he ever go back to being just hers?

Full of dark humor and unforgettable characters, Monkey Man takes the reader on a wild ride through an underworld that lies beneath the affluent surface of a place called Greenwich, Connecticut.

Author's Note: 

I am a financial crime fiction novelist with 15 years of working in retail banking in one of the most affluent communities in the world (Greenwich CT) to his craft.

On the surface banking is boring, but where there is money, there is funny stuff happening. I made a point of becoming expert at the funny stuff: frauds, scams, and white-collar crime. My book delve into this grey world.

Prior to banking, I worked as a salesman and lived quite the colorful life. Many characters and situations are based on real people and events, but I refuse to state which ones those are. I do admit, however, that the first scene in his debut novel, Monkey Man, pretty much happened exactly as he described it in the book.

I was on a sales call, and the guy I was pitching just sat and stared at this box of donuts the whole time. It was like he was hypnotized.

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Monkey Man: a crime story - Book cover

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