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Ajdin K. Denic


Regarding the author, A.K. Denic. I am a fairly young writer who discovered the love of writing a few years ago. In the past few years i have written a number of settings for characters, plots and so on, but finally this year i have finished the first book titled Death to the World - Sacrifice. The second book is already halfway done as well as another called Dead World which is halfway done. I enjoy reading SF and Fantasy most, listen to trance and metal music from where i draw inspiration to write. Am 27 of age, married and have a little 2 year old baby.

Books by Ajdin K. Denic

Dead to the World by Ajdin K. Denic. Book cover
Kane has lost everything, including his soul. Instead, a demon's soul houses in his own body, longing for chaos and destruction. Everything that keeps him on a path separate from utter chaos is his love for Janine. However, will that love be strong enough after he tastes blood? Murder? Devouring other souls to make him stronger? How much do the people around him have to sacrifice in order to keep him from bringing utter disaster upon the world?
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