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Alex Ger


Alex Ger was born in a small village where no more than 3000 people lived, and everyone knew each other. Although he has Master`s degree in Economics and has worked for over ten years in the country's largest companies as an expert in foreign economic activity – his greatest passion were and still are books – especially fantasy and science fiction books.

This incredible children's book writer dreams that one day space travel will become an everyday reality. Until that dream comes true, he has another vision. He wants to inspire the children all around the world to dream their own dreams and strive to make them a reality.

Alex aims to spark the children's love for books; to show them all of the incredible places they can travel to one day share with them the future that can and will become their reality.

His books and stories are a perfect combination of fun and educational activities. With those books, he wants to spark young readers' minds - to dream, to strive towards great things, and to never ever be afraid to be uniquely themselves - and with each new book and story he writes, he is one step closer to fulfilling his dream.

Books by Alex Ger

Badgers on Mars - Book cover
Let Your Imagination Run Wild and Explore the Joys of Space Travel Together With Six Little Badgers. You can join these six young brave badgers in their attempt to travel all the way to Mars. The journey that awaits them is not an easy one. These little badgers will have to overcome many obstacles and rise above their failures.
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