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Alina Skrypynets


Alina Skrypynets is a young Ukrainian writer of children's books. She lives in Kyiv (Kiev). As far as she became a mom, she started writing children's books professionally. She makes books for the children, who are curious, and already able to think and ask questions about the world around. Her books are full of inspiration, motivation, and humor. They teach to stay positive, kind, whatever problems you have, to overcome difficulties, and be strong.
The author of an adorable children's book ''Princess Zarina", released in 2017, for curious explorers who are seeking something new; interested in learning natural phenomena, geographical places, and mysterious animals. The beautiful story about courageous poor wild camel Isaak who was persistent in conquering the Princess's heart. The more Zarina gets to know about Isaak's life, the more she changes her opinion about the life in general.

Books by Alina Skrypynets

The Dragon Who Became Pavarotti - Book cover
Eddie is a different dragon-child. His relatives and friends don't accept his strange hobby of singing the opera. Nevertheless, he never stops dreaming. Because of his unique talent of imitating the human voices and a great passion to opera, Eddie's friends start to call him 'Pavarotti'. One day Eddie decides to catch his dream of becoming an opera singer and takes part in a singing competition 'The Voice of Fluaka''.
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