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Alisa Gladyseva


Alisa Gladyseva currently is in Vilnius University, the Spanish Philology. She does independent research in Codicology: Voynich manuscript, Sanskrit and Jewish Ancient texts. Research: 'analysis and deciphering manuscripts'. 'The whole text of the Voynich manuscript is deciphered'. ' Studying cryptography of Tehillim coded text', Sanskrit Proto-signs paleography. 'Research of Sanskrit coded texts'.

Books by Alisa Gladyseva

Deciphering the whole text of the Voynich Manuscript - Book cover

The reader is invited to experience the joy appreciating of decoding the WHOLE Voynich manuscript which has eluded understanding for more than 500 years! It is a well- documented text-dissertation of 700 pages for degree gaining with extensive end-notes of step-by-step deciphering and morphological proving,that it was written in medieval Galician (Galician-Portuguese).

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