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Alisa Gladyseva


Alisa Gladyseva currently is in Vilnius University, the Spanish Philology. She does independent research in Codicology: Voynich manuscript, Sanskrit and Jewish Ancient texts. Research: 'analysis and deciphering manuscripts'. 'The whole text of the Voynich manuscript is deciphered'. ' Studying cryptography of Tehillim coded text', Sanskrit Proto-signs paleography. 'Research of Sanskrit coded texts'.

Books by Alisa Gladyseva

Deciphering the whole text of the Voynich Manuscript by Alisa Gladyseva. Book cover
The reader is invited to experience the joy appreciating of decoding the WHOLE Voynich manuscript which has eluded understanding for more than 500 years! It is a well- documented text-dissertation of 700 pages for degree gaining with extensive end-notes of step-by-step deciphering and morphological proving,that it was written in medieval Galician (Galician-Portuguese).
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