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Allen J Johnston


Allen Johnston is a resident in Lansing, MI. His wife, Amber, keeps life fun and interesting for him. They share four children. He loves aviation and works as an Air Traffic Controller at the Capital City of Michigan. He lives by the motto that anything is possible. When considering learning to fly, he was told that it is not possible to achieve a pilot’s license in less than a month by his supervisor, who was also an instructor pilot. Needless to say, he proved that the impossible was, indeed, possible.

Allen loves to interact with his readers. He encourages everyone to send him a message from his website or go to his Facebook page and comment there.

Books by Allen J Johnston

The Divine Apprentice (book) by Allen J Johnston. Book cover
For years I have thoroughly enjoyed books that kept me up at night, reading way past the time when I should be sleeping. I did have to work at 6am so it was not wise to read as late as 2am, was it? No, but I love books that captivate me so much that I find my heart pounding at the thought of getting that story in my hands again as my eyes devour every precious word of the adventure I am being allowed to join.
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