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Antonio Thornton


Antonio Thornton is one of the most sought after direct response marketing consultants in the country. He is affectionately known as the “Profit Engineer” and is most known for creating “something from nothing.” His expertise is in developing wildly creative and profitable promotions that build brand loyalty and goodwill without being obnoxious or salesy.

His company, Money Mouth Marketing, is a performance-based marketing firm and is one of the — if not the only — marketing companies in the country that guarantee a minimum 3x ROI.

Books by Antonio Thornton

Are you leaving money on the table? Let me rephrase that: You ARE leaving money on the table! Did you know that 96% of businesses are NOT maximizing their full profit potential? Most businesses are great at their primary service, but are grossly overlooking dozens of hidden opportunities lying dormant in their businesses just waiting to spring to life to generate additional income streams...WITHOUT additional customers, WITHOUT spending more on marketing, WITHOUT hiring more employees, and WITHOUT any additional expenses.
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