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Archie Jones


Hello! My name is Archie Jones. My book is simple enough to be practical for a novice trainer. Canines are MASTERS of manipulation, and they manipulate their humans (or even stranger humans) to get what they want with regularity. Why will a trained dog work for its trainer, but won’t work for their owner? Puppy knows the trainer isn't gonna accept or tolerate BS, while its human parent will.

Books by Archie Jones

Dog Training: a Step-by-step Guide to Dog training for Beginners (book) by Archie Jones
This book specifically focuses on training and training exercises in a step-by-step manner. It contains fewer theories and philosophy and instead includes more actual training techniques with dog training tips. The most popular current method of training is a method of positive reinforcement. The behavior is reinforced through food, kindness or praising. This method is excellent for training puppies.
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