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Basil Turturro


I am a writer with experience, I mainly write an opinion about historical events, analyze them and see what will happen next.

Books by Basil Turturro

Oil And Ecology: Will electric cars save us? by Basil Turturro. Book cover
I am very skeptical about electric cars. So, whenever I hear some eco-friendly bravado from green parties about the environment and the polar bears and whatnot, I honestly can't take them seriously. Apparently, it's high time for me to explain why. Because it's quite common to hear something like... «Who do you think you are, what about our children? They will inherit this world from us and they'll suffocate. They'll have to eat plastic bottles for breakfast and they'll cry. Eat plastic bottles and suffocate. Is this the future you want for your children? What about global warming? What about the carbon footprint? It's very, very, important!”
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