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Bell Parc


Bell Parc is author of the book Your Perfect Steak. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and runs The Perfect Steak Company in Sydney Australia. He is also actively involved in his families 5th generation farming operation. This was where the impetus came from to write a book about what it takes for that perfect steak to end up on your plate. Early on in the process of writing the book he realised that much of what is taught about preparing steak is completely wrong. Taking a scientific approach he test-cooked over 1000 steaks to come up with a new system for cooking The Perfect Steak. Along the way he developed some new and innovative techniques including "The Twist and Turn Method" and "The 3 Big T's". As part of writing the book he also filmed a series of videos covering each of the key steps of the process, right from where the perfect steak starts through to where it ends up.

Books by Bell Parc

Your Perfect Steak: Signature Steaks by You (book) by Bell Parc
We know that the perfect steak is personal and that's why after test-cooking over 1000 steaks we're releasing the source code for you to create your very own Signature Steaks. Whether you're a medium-rare lover or you prefer well-done we all agree that Your Perfect Steak must be something that’s a passion to prepare and a pleasure to eat.
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