Bethany Bloom


Bethany Bloom loves to bring her readers a good love story. Her signature insight and humor always comes through in her novels, whether a steamy, tearjerker romance (A Lover’s Secret), or a quirky romantic comedy (Shy Charlotte’s Brand New Juju). Bloom lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, kids and puppy dogs.

Bloom is currently at work on the sequel to A Lover’s secret.

Books by Bethany Bloom

A Lover's Secret by Bethany Bloom. Book cover
Jess Madigan has moved back to her parents' home, ashamed, alone, and in heaps of debt after abandoning medical school. Tormented by her own sense of failure, Jess is desperate to regain some form of inner spark. Instead, she encounters an old flame, now a devastatingly handsome and internationally successful author and adventurer. Jake Lassiter is smoldering hot, impulsive, and fun in the deepest sense of the word.
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