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Carlene Havel


I've lived in several states and two countries outside the United States. I went to school for a very long time and finally got a B.A. in English. I'm married. I haven't replaced the cat who died (at age 17). In 2005 I became a Christian--that is to say, a true believer in Jesus Christ--and started writing.

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Evidence Not Seen (book) by Carlene Havel. Romance. Book cover
Jeff Galloway is a successful young attorney, recently dumped by his ambitious girlfriend. Despite his professional achievements, questions from the past haunt him. His father has been in prison for almost 30 years, and his mother doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Then Jeff happens to run into Melanie, a soft-hearted idealist who wants to change the world. As Jeff begins to realize Melanie is the girl of his dreams, she tries to help him forgive his father’s long absence.
Fiction > Romance
Baxter Road Miracle - Book Image Did Not Load!
Can faith move mountains? The Youngblood family is about to find out! In the 1960s, Henry Youngblood is determined to plant a church in the growing community of Buffalo Creek, though he is baffled by unexplained opposition from city hall. Henry's teenaged daughter Pauline has her heart set on a college education, while younger sister Susan only wants to be popular. Meanwhile, Ellen Youngblood wonders how to pay the bills for her new baby.
Fiction > Christian
The Scarlet Cord - Book Cover
Bible stories have captured imaginations for centuries--Daniel in the lion's den; Jonah and the whale; and the heroine of "The Scarlet Cord", Rahab the Harlot. When the famous walls of Jericho came tumbling down, Rahab and her family were the only survivors. Why? Because Rahab assisted the Hebrew spies in exchange for their promise of amnesty. Afterward, this woman with a past married well and became the ancestor of impressive monarchs including King David, Solomon the Wise, and the King of Kings Jesus Christ.
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Fiction > Historical
Book Image Did Not Load!
When I was growing up, my grandparents talked often of the Great Depression. I would be spellbound after dinner as one great uncle after another would recount his adventures from the 1930s. This book is my tribute to the people who survived those folks who worked so hard to survive and raise their families during economic hard times.
Fiction > Romance
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Everything is in tatters--Casey Slaughter's finances, faith, and future. "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" is the story of how she puts her life back together after being deserted by her cheating husband. This is a Christian romance.
Fiction > Romance
A Hero's Homecoming - Book Image Did Not Load
When Colonel rich Martino returns home from overseas, his world is upside down. His credit cards are invalid, his wife is MIA, and a stranger is living in his house. He keeps running into people who are surprised he’s alive. Is it any wonder he has a hard time trusting the psychologist who claims to be the guardian of his comatose father’s estate? How does a man find his way home when he doesn’t believe in God?
3682 views > 4 comments
Fiction > Romance
Daughter of the King (book image did not load)
Princess Michal was the youngest daughter of ancient Israel's first king. More than thirty centuries ago, she fell in love with and married a hero named David. When Michal helped David escape from her insane father, King Saul punished her by giving her to another man. Years after being banished, the Princess became a pawn in negotiations between Judea and Israel.
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Fiction > Historical