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Cassi Ellen


When I turned 30 I was single, alone and heart broken. I started writing as sort of therapy at the time, but after people started reading it and said it was actually good, I thought maybe others might like to hear my story. Maybe those going through a hard time will take something away from it.

The book is the story of how my broken heart became the making of me. Even today, the stories in the book still make me laugh!

Apart from that, you will find out so much more by reading the book......I love animals, especially cats, and I love to laugh.

Books by Cassi Ellen

Story of a Secret Heart (book) by Cassi Ellen
Cassi Ellen’s ‘Story of a Secret Heart’ calls on the author’s own experiences with love to weave together a hilarious and thought-provoking romantic comedy that critics are calling “sorrowful and riveting”. Based on the story of one young woman’s heart-shattering breakup, the novel’s vivid congruence to the real world may just provide therapy for those learning to cope with the tough side of love.
Fiction > Humor