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Chitra Lele


A Young Management Consultant, Speaker and Record-setting Author.
Chitra Lele is a young record-setting author, multi-time world record holder, peace ambassador and management consultant, all rolled into one. Her publications include academic and reference books, poetry anthologies, scholarly articles and research papers. Her books have become popular in government libraries, universities and colleges, and corporate training workshops. She has been conferred with the title of “A Versatile Writer” by the India Book of Records. She set this record by penning maximum number of academic books in a short span of 18 months. The books belong to various genres, right from computer science to business management. Chitra’s books and literary creations have set world records, received positive reviews, and garnered praise from world leaders, best-selling authors, management gurus and business leaders. Some of her record-setting titles are: English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth, Organizational Democracy: Collaborative Team Culture: Key to Corporate Growth and The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness. Her books will certainly help you to reach your goals and conquer new frontiers.

Books by Chitra Lele

English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth by Chitra Lele. Book cover
English language plays a crucial role for any person, group of people or organization in achieving excellence. The language is today well established as the lingua franca of the modern world, and it is breaking new grounds, continually.
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