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Christian Espinosa


Christian Espinosa is the Founder and former CEO of Alpine Security, a cybersecurity keynote speaker,
a cybersecurity engineer, a certified high-performance coach, a professor, and lover of heavy metal, tacos, and spicy food.

He's also an Air Force veteran and 24x Ironman triathlete. He used to value being the "smartest person in the room," only to realize that his greatest contribution to leadership and the fight against cybercrime is his ability to bring awareness and effect change through effective communication.

Christian is a speaker, coach, and trainer in the Secure Methodology, helping to make the smartest people in the room the best leaders in the field.

Books by Christian Espinosa

The Smartest Person in the Room by Christian Espinosa. The Root Cause and New Solution for Cybersecurity. Book cover.
Cyberattack—an ominous word that strikes fear in the hearts of nearly everyone, especially business owners, CEOs, and executives. With cyberattacks resulting in often devastating results, it’s no wonder executives hire the best and brightest of the IT world for protection. But are you doing enough? Do you understand your risks? What if the brightest aren’t always the best choice for your company?
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