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Christina Johnson


Christina Johnson has always been passionate about reading and writing. Reading with her son is one of her favorite activities, and that is what has prompted her to finally take the leap and publish the ideas that have been swirling around in her head. To learn more about Christina, please visit

Books by Christina Johnson

All the Ways to Express My Love (children's book) by Christina Johnson
There are many ways we express our love. Whether you are someone's Lovebug or Peanut, no matter the name, it comes from a place of love. Read about the fun, silly, and cute names we call the ones we love! 3-5 years.
Fiction > Children
A Knight's Life (children's book) by Christina Johnson
Join the friends on a Knightly adventure where you might have to fight a dragon, get past a wicked troll, or trek through a stinky swamp to get to the castle so you can rescue the princess! You get to decide how the adventure will go in this choose your own path story book!
Fiction > Children