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Christy Potter


I'm an award-winning writer and journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country. I have developed a pretty decent following through my blog, which focuses on the craft of writing and showcases my work as well as interviews with well-known writers. My most recent book is “The World Was My Oyster But I Didn’t Know How to Cook.” I'm also the author of “The Shiksa’s Guide to Yiddish” and write a regular food column under the name Ty Pott.
I'm also a runner, sculptor, environmentalist and thrift store queen. More of her work can be found on my blog. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter. I live in Morristown, New Jersey with my husband, two cats and closet full of neuroses.

Books by Christy Potter

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Longtime journalist and award-winning writer Christy Potter has compiled some of her recent work into "The World is My Oyster But I Didn't Know How to Cook." It includes humorous and thought-provoking essays on New York (where she lives and wishes she was from), Kansas (where she's actually from), childhood, books, infertility, good days, bad days, and life in general, as well as interviews she's done with well-known writers.
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