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C.J. Voisey-Adams


C J Voisey-Adams is an author based in Gloucestershire UK, who has been writing and illustrating his own books since he can remember! His greatest loves are fantasy and science-fiction. In his spare time, apart from writing, he partakes in medieval re-enactment, focusing on the 15th century. He is also an accomplished western martial artist, skilled at sword and pole-weapon combat. This skill he puts to good use in his fantasy writing, making the scenes of combat even more believable! Besides writing and medieval battle re-enactment, Voisey-Adams enjoys reading, collecting and listening to film soundtracks and long walks with his wife and two greyhounds.

Books by C.J. Voisey-Adams

The Keepers of Rushgard by C.J. Voisey-Adams. Book cover
The Keepers of Rushgard is set in the fictional kingdom of Rushgard where the spell that once allowed the land to experience summer has been disabled by removal and destruction of a magical key. Now an unforgiving Everwinter covers the land and with the king dead and no heir forthcoming its set to stay.
Fiction > Fantasy