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Daniel Green


Hi, my name is Daniel Green. I am a writer, speaker, blogger, and the founder of Anakainoo International. My passion is to help you and those frustrated with what religion has to offer and show you how to have face-to-face encounters with God daily to experience an abundant life where signs, wonders, and miracles become a normal everyday experience for you. It is my desire to help pursuers of God discover how to have a real tangible relationship with God and follow Him everywhere, just like Jesus did. Then you can experience all the wonders and miracles from Heaven following you and fulfill all the desires of your heart.

I have written several books including Hear God's Voice Clearly, 30 Days with the Father, Supernatural Wave of God's Presence, Enjoy Heavenly Living Now, and Building Supernatural Success. Also, I have a Master's of Ministry Degree and a Business Degree with over thirty-five years' experience in business and ministry which included owning two very successful accounting businesses. Awarded five star review from Readers' Favorite for four books.

Books by Daniel Green

Building Supernatural Success: Replace Your Weak Foundations by Daniel Green. Book cover
Is something getting in the way of achieving your heart's passions or becoming successful at what you love to do? Discover how to remove everything that hinders you so you can accomplish great things for God. Replace your weak foundation and experience the greater things of Heaven: Enjoy more success in your ministry, career, business, and family life. Have a greater impact in God's Kingdom. Enjoy God's presence even more. Do the miracles Jesus did and see more signs and wonders in your life.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
Supernatural Wave of God's Presence by Daniel Green. Book cover
Discover how to ride the supernatural wave of God’s presence and experience miracles from Heaven following you every day. You can do the miracles of Jesus and even greater things as you learn how to follow God everywhere. God could even use you to become one of the catalysts that starts the next wave of God’s presence around you and across the world. Start your journey today to experience Heaven’s supernatural miracles chasing after you and those around you.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
Enjoy Heavenly Living Now: Become Childlike by Daniel Green. Book cover
Discover how to have a childlike faith so you can live among Heaven’s wonders where the unimaginable and miracles happen every day. You can experience this kind of Heavenly living by learning what these unique childlike characteristics are. Then as you become more childlike in your faith, the miraculous things of Heaven will begin to occupy your home and everyone around you.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
30 Days with the Father by Daniel Green. A Devotional to Discover How Heaven Can Follow You Everywhere. Book cover
Would you like to sit down face-to-face with God each day and have real conversations with God the Father? Do you want to experience Heaven following you everywhere so you can leave lasting impressions of Heaven with everyone you meet? This thirty-day devotional will take you on a journey to unveil God’s heart as you sit down with the Father each day and discover how the wonders of Heaven can begin to chase after you.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality