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David E. Shaolian


Originally from Ottawa, Canada, I am an experienced high school English teacher. I am an alumnus of Tel Aviv University (Overseas Student Program), Carleton University, and the University of Windsor. Happy Campers, my debut novel, was inspired by my experience as camp photographer at one camp, issues of alcohol and drug abuse at overnight camps generally, and classic works of literature. I live in Toronto with my wife and two children.

Books by David E. Shaolian

Happy Campers David E. Shaolian. Book cover
Imagine being secluded in the wilderness, in an unfamiliar environment, with individuals half your age, whose core values and lifestyle are diametrically opposed to your own. How is one to react if a deluge of inappropriate behaviour, creating a highly perilous environment, rages, uncontrolled, due to ineffective leadership? What if your concerns about said conduct go unheard? And what if some are outwardly antagonistic to anyone threatening the perpetuation of the hedonistic status quo?
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