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David Ogren


David Ogren is the Associate Pastor at Lighthouse Christian Church. His diverse interests in intercultural studies, missiology, and travel have led him to 14 countries worldwide where he has studied, taught and volunteered with numerous organizations. He holds a BA in Cross-Cultural Studies, MA in Muslim Studies and MTh in World Christianity. The more he studies, the more he realizes he does not know that much about "stuff" in general.

Books by David Ogren

The Last Bucket List - Book cover
Are you tired of living life the same way, doing the same things with the same results? It's time to make a change. Don't wait until it is too late. Start today! This workbook will take you through seven chapters that cover such diverse topics as career assessment, interpersonal relationships, financial adjustments, material possessions and community outreach. Begin the effective appraisal of your life, values, dreams and priorities, and start living a better life now!
Non Fiction > Inspirational
Guitar Quotes: Inspiration from the World's Best Players - Book Cover

This incredible collection of quotes and sayings from the best guitar players on the planet will both inspire and motivate you in life and music! Gain new insight into their methods, motivations and miraculous musicianship. Pause to reflect on new perspectives and intriguing insights on the struggles, surprises, and joys of guitar playing.

Non Fiction > Inspirational
Acoustic Guitar Care 101 - Book Cover

It’s no secret that mastering the guitar is hard work. However, maintaining your guitar is easy, and I will show you exactly how to keep your guitar in top shape! Whether you are an aspiring guitar player, or have played the instrument for many years, you know that learning about guitar maintenance can be intimidating and confusing. This book offers simple steps to empower you to care for your own guitar.

Non Fiction > Music